• Chauffeur Service / Private Luxury Sedans and SUVs

  • Housekeeping Service – Days & hours scheduled per family’s individual needs

  • Caretaker as need during medical treatment

  • Private Chef

  • Travel Companion

  • Grocery Shopping Services

  • Personal Assistant

  • 24/7 Concierge Services

  • Translator/Interpreter

Amenities & Supplies

During your stay, we will make sure all your needs are met. No need is too great or too small. You can expect to find the food pantries stocked and all necessary household supplies at your service, as well as grocery shopping services upon request. Bathrooms include Toto bidet toilets.


Mayo Clinic Hospital

For over 150 years, Mayo Clinic has been providing professional care to patients around the world and ranks #1 best hospital in the country. Located in the heart of Downtown Rochester, Mayo Clinic spans over 30 buildings, with many connected by walkways and subways for easy access all year long. While you are at Mayo, you will be treated to professional care and have access to many in-house shops and restaurants to keep yourself busy.

Saint Mary’s Hospital

Saint Mary’s Hospital is located a short 10 blocks west of the downtown Mayo Clinic Campus. Many surgical specialties are performed here including heart transplants neurosurgeries, and is also the location of the Mayo Eugenio Litta Children’s Hospital.

Destination Medical Center

Mayo Clinic is the heart of downtown Rochester and, through Destination Medical Center, is creating a one-of-a kind experience for Mayo Clinic patients. DMC continues to provide many ways to celebrate Rochester’s hospitality through regional and cultural dining options, leisure activities, and a blooming art community.

Rochester International Airport

Located 10 miles from Downtown Mayo Campus and 8 miles from many of our properties, the Rochester International Airport is the second busiest airport in Minnesota and provides connecting flights to several major airlines in the United States. With many Mayo Clinic patients traveling through the airport every year, Rochester International Airport is known for their personalized care and assistance during and upon arrival of their flights.

Downtown Rochester

When you see the Rochester Skyway, you know you have made it to downtown Rochester. The busy downtown district is home to delicious cuisine, a vibrant nightlife, and many shopping opportunities. Visitors can enjoy countless entertainment venues including the Honkers Baseball Stadium, concerts at the convention center, a day of relaxation at the spa, and much more!